Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover has long been interested in the intersection of science and all things considered spiritual, so when he first came across Nassim Haramein lecturing at a music festival in 2002, the dots connected. Ever since that time, Jamie has been delving ever deeper into the world of unified physics and ancient cultures through the lens of Nassim Haramein’s theories. In his extensive world travels on tour as a professional musician Jamie has explored ancient sites around the world…

The Unified Field of the Universe

Jamie Janover will take you on a journey through humanity’s evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce a Unified Physics; a unification of not only the forces of nature but also the occurrence of consciousness, one which also reveals emerging parallels between ancient codes left in documents and monuments with the most modern-day advanced scientific ideas. Through the lens of physicist Nassim Haramein’s work on the geometry of space-time arises a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure and dynamics of the universe and our existence in it.

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