Wednesday June 19: 2:00pm – 10:00pm

Thursday June 20th: 10AM – Noon (VIP) | Noon – Midnight (GA)
Friday June 21th: 10am- 12am
Saturday June 22th: 10am-12am
Sunday June 23th: 10am-8pm


Wednesday June 19th: 4:20 (VIP) | 6PM-10PM (GA)

Thursday June 20th: 4pm
Friday June 21st: 10am- 12am
Saturday June 22nd: 10am-12am
Sunday June 23rd: 10am-12am

All Cars must display a Parking Pass 

SONIC BLOOM offers a variety of food vendors including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

The BLOOMTOWN General Store has all of the items that you forgot at home, and maybe some others that you didn’t know that you needed.


Wednesday 6/19 4:30pm – 8:30pm
Thursday 6/20: 4pm-8:30pm
Friday-Sunday 6/21- 6/23: 8am-8:30pm
Monday 6/24: 8am-11am

SONIC BLOOM provides free drinking water to all attendees. See the Festival Map for water fill up locations. Ice will be for sale at BLOOMTOWN General Store.

The Starwater Cafe will be serving tea, coffee and espresso drinks during the festival.

Starwater Cafe Hours

Thursday 6/20: 12pm-3am
Friday 6/21: 7am-3am
Saturday 6/22: 7am-3am
Sunday 6/23: 7am-3am

There are showers available on site. They will run Thursday from 4PM-9PM and Friday-Sunday 8am-10pm.

Stop by the SONIC BLOOM Merch booth to see the SONIC BLOOM offerings for 2019.

There are multiple ATM’s on site. Please refer to the Festival Map for ATM locations.

SONIC BLOOM will have shuttles running to and from Walsenburg on Friday and Saturday.

  • Fri @ 3:00PM
  • Sat  @ 3:00PM