Get teleported to a 360-degree psychedelic world of music and light to immerse yourself in a mind-blowing, fully audio-reactive virtual art/music venue.

Soundscape VR is the world’s first virtual music venue, an interactive piece of art to explore, and the next evolution of music visualization to interact with your favorite songs and friends anywhere in the world.

While many VR platforms attempt to replicate the live music experience, Soundscape VR creates an entirely new metaverse of music where the laws of physics don’t apply and users can experience their favorite music in a brand new way.

Participants utilize hand controllers to interact with the music, creating art & controlling millions of combinations of visual effects while also defying gravity – flying themselves like Iron Man across vast fantasy landscapes.

Soundscape VR is home of the most advanced visual arts and music experiences in virtual reality.  Fly, explore, play, create, and immerse yourself in massive surreal audio-reactive worlds of breathtaking visuals  – alone, with friends, or with other fans in a social musical metaverse without limits. Customize your avatar and play ANY music you can imagine to make the world come alive, creating a psychedelic audiovisual experience with millions of combinations.  A sonic-visual adventure awaits!