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The Visionary Art Series

Join Visionary masters Randal Roberts and Morgan Mandala for this 3 day paint-filled journey through the realms of artistic expression.

An elemental artistic approach from the ground up, utilizing ancient as well as modern materials. Invoking the hidden patterns underlying creation – from primordial chaos to refined control… Balancing between the polarities of skillful observation of nature and pure imagination, the artist becomes a conduit for new manifestations of vision and the emergence of a deeper reality.

General Info & FAQ’s

Learn to Paint with Master Artists

  • Discover the processes and practices of the old masters
  • Access new techniques
  • Hone practical skills
  • Cultivate a meditative mindset.



Randal Roberts

Randal Roberts is an artist from New York, currently residing in Boulder, CO. He has taught countless hours, most notably at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and the Omega Institute in New York as well as numerous festivals around the country.

Morgan Mandala

Morgan Mandala is Colorado-based artist who creates in both the studio as well as the live environment. Her visions span a variety of themes, but can often be distilled down to the unlimited majesty of the natural world combined with the underground shamanic heartbeats of humanity.

Materials to Bring

  • Pencils & Pens for drawing and taking notes
  • Kneadable or other preferred eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Sketch book and/or pad of sketch paper — 11′′ x 14′′
  • Soft, synthetic paint brushes for acrylics/watercolor (not bristle brushes):

Required Brushes

  • 2-4 filberts in assorted sizes
  • 1-2 small rounds/liners
  • a 1.5”-2” flat brush for glazing (as soft as possible)


  • Painting surface — canvas(es), gesso board, painting panel, watercolor block (if you want to work on a different surface other than canvas panel) – Size Limitation: No larger than 16”x20”
  • Acrylics — assorted colors (tubes or fluid)
  • Plastic paint palette for acrylics
  • Travel easel (recommended)

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Academy students can look forward to a whole lot of perks with your admission fee including…

  • 21 class hours of world class educational experience
  • Connections with like minded people
  • 2 healthy, organic meals per day (brunch and dinner)
  • Be the first people on site
  • First priority shaded and creekside camping