Greetings SONIC BLOOM Family,


We have been watching, waiting and hoping for the conditions of the ongoing pandemic to improve to the point where it would be safe to hold our festival, since this all began. We need to be certain that we can hold a safe event and we need that confidence many months in advance to properly produce a festival. Unfortunately, we still do not have that certainty…


That being said, the very difficult decision has been made to continue to be patient and wait until the Summer Solstice of 2022 to safely hold and give you the full SONIC BLOOM festival experience. The 2022 lineup will remain much the same as it was when originally booked for 2020 and we are pleased to announce that Tipper is still confirmed to perform next summer along with the majority of the original lineup – the full lineup will be announced later this year.


We considered many possibilities, including moving the festival to later in 2021, however, with conditions continuously changing, it’s not fair to our artists, staff and patrons, (many of whom have to travel from far away, even internationally), to ask anyone to travel to Colorado from across the country and the globe, before we know it is absolutely safe for everyone to do so. We are also holding-off until 2022 because we want to be able to share in a complete festival experience, one we have come to know, love and expect, with multiple days of basking in the Colorado sunshine, complete with tree-net and hammock cuddle puddles, partner yoga classes, dynamic dance-floors and without having to enforce social distancing rules or impose restrictions to individual freedoms.


This has been a challenging year for us all and we are sincerely grateful to everyone that chose to hold-on to their tickets purchased for the 2020 festival and for your ongoing patience as we navigate these waters. We ask you to please continue to hold the vision and your tickets as they are all still automatically valid for the 2022 festival. Hanging-on to your ticket is an investment in the future of festival culture and as an early ticket buyer (thank you!), you are already holding the lowest-priced passes that will be offered. Ticket prices will not be any cheaper than they are right now and since selling-out is a possibility, your ticket is your guaranteed spot in the Unified Field in 2022.


To help keep us in the festival mindset and spread the festival community’s knowledge and culture, Streaming Bloom has expanded into a full online virtual SONIC BLOOM Academy.


Only accessible to current ticket-holders and future 2022 ticket purchasers, the SONIC BLOOM Academy is complete with a video archive of music, festival workshops, performances and artist interviews from SONIC BLOOM’s past festivals, stretching all the way back to the first festival in 2006. The Streaming Bloom live portion of the SONIC BLOOM Academy includes a curated series of diverse festival workshop content from presenters of past SONIC BLOOMs as well as a series of weekly live webinars. Participation in this virtual series is a great way to learn from and connect with the festival community from the comfort of home. (Zoom links will be sent to you once you create your account).


Use the email address you used to purchase your tickets and to create your SONIC BLOOM Academy account and see the webinar schedule, here:


Like most festivals, we have always had a no-refund policy, however, we recognize the challenges of these times, so for those who are in need, you can choose to submit a request for a refund. The instructions were included in an email sent to all ticket purchasers on March 30th, 2021.


Thank you all for your love, patience and support.
We look forward to our return to the Unified Field…together.