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Neurosculpting® Yoga: Becoming the Architect of Our Own Journey

Neurosculpting® Yoga blends the ancient healing wisdom of Yoga, with cutting edge Neuroscientific discoveries and time tested mindfulness practices to relieve stress, cope with trauma, reshape neural pathways and literally retrain the brain to think and behave differently. The Yoga class will begin with a deep grounding meditation through which will be woven bits of neuroscience and then move seamlessly into a slow, alignment based flow supporting the theme of becoming the architect of our own experience, of our own lives. The class will end with a long savasana and Neurosculpting® based guided meditation. This will be supported by the resonant beats of a live dj.

Michelle the co-creator of Neurosculpting® Yoga, (and have certified several Neurosculpting® Yoga teachers under me), the Founder of Vibrant Medicine, LLC and have taught meditation, yoga and neuropsychology in several 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. I have taught at Sonic Bloom with Amani Friend and Kaminanda playing for my class, and have led multiple workshops nationally on the Psychology of Yoga, Meditation and Resiliency Training.