SONIC BLOOM is Colorado's Premier Electronic Music Festival

GOA-Gangstaz On Acid

Gangstaz on Acid is a group devoted to bringing you what they call “Thugstep”. Thugstep is filthy, twisted, psychedelic hip hop over dirty, glitched out, hard hitting dub step. With songs ranging from drug ridden debauchery to the struggles of life, and everything in between, they bring a unique style to the table. Gangstaz on […]

Janover & reSunator

Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator. His considerable creative output includes: being a multi-instrumentalist and master of the ancient percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer, inventing and performing on an instrument he calls the “mini-kit” (a miniature amplified drum kit), playing pyrocussion (custom fire-drums) and creating the RealmsMobile (a recumbent tricycle with […]

Jon Wayne & The Pain

If Lee Scratch Perry and Deadmau5 died, went to heaven, and recorded an album with Bradley Nowell and Jerry Garcia, they’d end up with something like Jon Wayne and The Pain’s new full length album “Surrender”. In addition to the Minneapolis trio’s signature sound of roots infused Reggae Rock, their latest release adds a […]

Kalya Scintilla feat. Eve Olution

Traversing the cosmos, gliding across dimensions beyond time and space, Kalya Scintilla brings universal shamanic journeys through his music to planet earth straight from his heart. His music paints sacred soundscapes with world fusion beats from ancient futures hidden amongst our forgotten memories to bring forth lush healing vibrations to activate the dormant codes within […]


To produce and perform music that uplifts the spirit of the listener,while
allowing for the natural ebb and flow of light and dark..Melodies channeled from within,Rhythms from around the world and Beats and Bass that sway the body into ecstatic release….Keeping it smooth and Sexy while tapping into the unlimited realms of Adventure,Beauty and Elevated States […]


kLL sMTH is the brainchild of Colorado based electronic music producer Kris Edland. For nearly 5 years, he has been experimenting with vibrations of all shapes, forms, and tempos while keeping the overlying presence of glitchy rhythms and psychedelic melody driven basslines. kLL sMTH’s music welcomes you to an alternate reality inhabited by creatures who […]

Kruza Kid

Staying true to the mile high state of mind, Kruza Kid delivers a fresh new flavor to the burgeoning hip-hop movement that is taking over the country. Seamlessly integrating his personal beats with his gritty, tell-it-like-it-is vocals, producer/emcee Kruza Kid, known by those close to him as Zach Karuzas, has rewritten the equation for merging […]


Kyrstyn Pixton is a Bay Area based songwriter and producer – a multi-talented performance artist creating live shows that blend piano, voice, electronica, and impromptu loops from audience participation.

Her sound blends intricate song-writing with luscious vocal harmonies and vast hard-hitting electro-acoustic soundscapes. Imagine a meld of Imogen Heap, Florence & the Machine, and Joanna […]

Late Night Radio

Hustling to make his mark in Denver, Colorado’s electronic music melting pot,
Late Night Radio is earning the respect of fans and peers alike through prolific
production, innovative experimentation, and a dogged dedication to the craft.
Alex Medellin has put in his time in the industry, coming up in Texas and
California, but his ascension in the Colorado scene […]

Living Light

Desert Trax freshest artist to emerge on the scene, Living Light blends dub grooves with world percussion, psychedelic glitches, middle eastern melodies, soothing electronic harmonies and deep pulsing baselines. The name has multiple meanings and refers to living unmaterialistically and positively, as well as all life originating from star-stuff!

Life-long musician, Eartha Harris produced under “Project […]

Lotus Drops

Anastasia Culbert better known as ‘Lotus Drops’, is a multi-faceted DJ/Producer hailing from the depths of the Bay Area. Driven by her love and profound passion of Underground Electronic Bass Music Scene, Lotus Drops has established herself as a staple and emerged to become one of the most exhilarating artists mixing-it-up on the scene today!

At […]

Lunar Fire

When the seeds of chaos and the dissolution of structure lead us to

surrender completely, we reach full transformation. Fantasy, alchemy,

dreams, creativity, healing arts all turn the impossible into new realities.

Lunar Fire creates mythical worlds through live music and luminescent

dance theatre. Pre­columbian and Native Flutes, African Drums, Throat

singing and Indigenous instrumentation from around the world glide

seamlessly […]


The Merkaba is a vehicle of ascension. A fully activated merkaba field enables you to turn your body into a ball of light and bring it with you as you travel from one dimensional world to another. Bridging Earth with the cosmos and the ancient past with the present future Merkaba delivers a fresh and […]

Michael Garfield

Between the personal warmth of songwriting tradition and the whirling ecstatics of festival culture, Michael Garfield is making music for which new words must be invented – vocally athletic percussive future-folk and improvised instrumental electronica, a marriage of charismatic stage presence and dazzling avant-garde technique that combines polyphonic fretboard tapping with a fifty-pound pedalboard of […]

Michal Menert Big Band

The Michal Menert Big Band is a large scale undertaking of translating Menert’s catalogue into a fully orchestrated live performance. The core of the players comes from Washington’s leading funk ensemble, Snug Harbor. With the addition of Menert’s live drummer, AC Lao, the turntablism of Mikey Thunder, synth bass from Marcelo Moxy, as well as […]


MIRAJA is an electronic music producer & performer based in Boulder, Colorado USA. His unique fusion of modern broken-beat rhythms are layered with heavy hypnotic urban bass and interlaced with emotive melodies and organic sounds. He is renowned for creating energetic soundscapes comprised of Downtempo, Dubstep, Midtempo, Glitch Hop and World Rhythms. When performing live, […]

Motion Potion

In 2013, Motion Potion will re-emerge from the busiest “hiatus” since the term was coined. After touring and producing for more than 16 years, the San Francisco DJ/producer spent most of 2011/2012 focused on his two non-artistic babies: production companies Silent Frisco and SunsetSF. With the two CEO duties on his plate, he paired back […]


Mour is the rejected brainchild of Rab Clinton (aka Random Rab)


Residing in the Mile High, Denver Colorowdy, Mouseterious is the off kilter production and DJ sets of community veteran, Mikey Fisher. Ranging threw the tempos and sounds of IDM, down tempo, glitch hop, minimal dub step, garage and even liquid Drum & Bass, the Mouseterious sound is simply Mikey’s pure self expression.

Mr. Bill

The Mr. Bill project is based on evocation, I like to write music that excites the ear and the brain. This requires me to explore a vast range of strange production methods and musical theories to keep exciting my senses. The best way to describe the music associated with this project is a mix of […]


Good Vibes


A nomadic San Franciscan who started playing music at the age of thirteen, Nominus blends a variety of musical talents to create a unique and genre-defying sound. He began his musical journey as a classically trained guitarist who later went on to study a wide range of percussion. After years of playing in live bands, […]


Colorado’s O-NEB (formerly Octopus Nebula) is impressing audiences far and wide with their powerful and unique style of music that blends elements of electronic, dance, funk, rock, and beat savvy psychedelic grooves.

O-NEB’s current incarnation consists of Fleeb Thomas on bass, Matt Newhard on guitar, and Dan Raasch on drums. These musicians […]


In his 10+ years of producing, Chris has created music for the Denver Broncos – which aired on national TV during Super Bowl XLVII, done an official remix for EDM legends The Crystal Method, had tunes in rotation on FM radio, hit #9 on the Billboard Next Big Sound chart, and held the number one […]


Ever wanted some extra funk in your life? What about some warm syrupy bass sauce to compliment your daily adventure? Well now you can have all that and more within the perfectly crafted sonic soundscape that is Opiuo. A Kiwi who now calls Australia home, Opiuo is a chief sufferer of intense musical addiction, spending […]


Ott was doomed to be a teenager in the cultural wasteland that was the mid-1980′s provincial England. After a brief period wandering aimlessly through the hairsprayed deserts of New Romanticism and poodle-rock he found refuge in the warm, inviting sounds of Scientist, King Tubby, LKJ, and Prince Far-I and the effortless grace of European experimentalists […]

Paul Basic

Starting out as a drummer, Colorado producer Paul Brandt aka Paul Basic joined a band with Derek Vincent Smith (Pretty Lights) and Michal Menert in high school before they each moved on to pursue solo production work. In fall 2011 Paul released his debut EP ‘The Mirror’ on Pretty Lights Music which featured a gritty, […]


Plantrae is an intricate, energetic and biotic sound experience originating deep in the rainforests of cascadia. It is
composed of a bass rooted, stretchy midtempo foundation and live viola improvisation that embodies the spirited
essence of classical, swing and folk. Seeking to unite organic melody and intricate electronics, Plantrae also
encourages the listener to delve deep into the […]

Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex is a Colorado-based duo creating simultaneous art and music pieces guaranteed to induce synesthesia. Canadian-born ill-esha, known for her electronic music production, as well as live musicianship and vocals, met East Coaster S∆UCEmonster while both were touring with Beats Antique in the fall of 2013. Adding in his ninja skills in production, instruments, […]

Prophet Massive

DJ set by dude from SCI and EOTO makin the people just want to bounce and get busy because you know that the Prophet will get you off.