The Permaculture  Series

Permaculture comes from the terms “permanent agriculture,” or more broadly, “permanent culture,” and encompasses a design process by which humans can create relationships of mutual benefit with the natural world and with each other that provide for an abundance of human needs.  The tools and technologies of permaculture exhibit how humans can move away from an extractive, exploitative paradigm with the earth and one another, and towards systems of symbiosis, ecological regeneration, and community.

General Info & FAQ’s
Our Permaculture Story

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Get your hands dirty.

  • Learn the design principles and process of permaculture
  • Gain hands-on skills to directly transform the world around you
  • Relate to the earth symbiotically to create your food, shelter, water and energy
  • Get training in community building and action planning for a better world
  • Dig into practical tools for ecological regeneration with experienced practitioners



What is Permaculture Action?

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Academy students can look forward to a whole lot of perks with your admission fee including…

  • 21 class hours of world class educational experience
  • Connections with like minded people
  • 2 healthy, organic meals per day (brunch and dinner)
  • Be the first people on site
  • First priority shaded and creekside camping

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