Yogi Roo

Yogi Roo was born on the Playa of BRC in ’13 and has been full speed on a mission of light-being ignition, since. She believes our passions are insights into our purpose and each of us has a beautiful thread to add to the infinite universal pattern. She has found movement set to music combined with meditation is the key to manifestation!
She has completely shifted her life’s course and encourages her students to explore their edges and experiment, while believing in the impossible!

High Vibe Vinyasa

High Vibe Vinyasa

High Vibe Vinyasa is a co-created practice of inviting our highest vibration; body, mind, and spirit. We are all connected, all is contagious! Just as a cold can pass, so can a warm 🙂 Warm smiles and hugs activate our practice. As we build our strong bodies in community, we share our effort, our progress, our love! Together we impact; we raise the collective! We change our perspective through physical and mental shifts and find bliss in the natural head rush. Our challenge becomes our greatest point of joy because it marks growth and evolution as our breath relaxes into yummy.

She loves working with musicians to co-create an experience of mind-body-spirit-tribe connection. Together we seek the challenge, all the while, celebrating ALL the victories. We should be falling, we should be wobbly, we should be laughing! She integrates traditional yogi asanas with non-traditional sound to allow space for the personal journey supported by community.

She seeks to help all acknowledge and honor their inner light, their inner power. Individually we are powerful, together we are exponentially magnificent!!! No matter who, what or where you are, you contribute to the vibe of the collective… let us release, Roo-set & L.O.V8 (eləˌvāt)!

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