For many years, SONIC BLOOM has been searching for a long term home. After holding the festival in 5 different locations during it’s many years of existence, we are happy to say that we have found home! Welcome to Hummingbird Ranch!

Hummingbird Ranch

This unique site is becoming the long-term home of Sonic Bloom Festival.  Join us on the ground level as we turn this beautiful land into a permanent gathering place for Positive Impact Festivals and our collective transition to more just and sustainable world.  This year, you’re invited to get involved through the Sonic Bloom Permaculture Action Day and Hub during the festival.

We’re happy to be working with a cutting-edge organizations already doing the work of bringing the transformation in “transformative festivals” into the very way we live and interact with our ecology, the land, and one another – the Permaculture Action Network.

Permaculture Action Network
Permaculture Action Network has organized more than 50 Permaculture Action Days across the country, mobilizing hundreds of concert attendees and festival-goers to build regenerative systems and common spaces that put the ethics of earth care, people care, and fair share in the center of our collective cultural narrative.  From building urban farms and planting public food forests to teaching about ecological living and community organizing, they’ve moved thousands of us a few steps closer along the path to living in symbiosis with the earth, people, and all life.

Permaculture Action Day

In Walsenburg, we will continue what we started last year and join forces with DistrictOne to develop abundant community gardens. 

Learn more about DistrictOne and their projects

Turning Our Dreams Into Action
Imagine this land blooming with life – an interconnected web of healthy plants, edible greens, nut trees, wildlife, fungi, and enlivened people.  Through permaculture design, we can bring about mutually beneficial connections between ourselves and the natural world – restoring watersheds, producing food through natural systems, sequestering carbon in rich soil, and reinvigorating the communities around us with a sense of agency and collectivity.  Through designing and implementing systems of “permanent culture” at Hummingbird Ranch and the nearby Walsenburg farm and community center, we reintegrate our lives back into the natural cycles that once held us in a harmonious relationship with nature and one another.  That’s what we’ll be doing this June 15th – 21th, and we invite you to join us for all of it.  

Permaculture Action Day in Walsenburg – June 17 in nearby Walsenburg, CO
Sonic Bloom Festival – June 18th – 21th @ Hummingbird Ranch