Smit’s work develops creating engineering capabilities to collaborate with humans, making people more efficient, capable and safe during task execution and nature conservancy. This non-profit work combines novel innovations in machine learning and explainable artificial intelligence. Some of the active projects: use of computer vision to detect, identify and eliminate poaching activity, Use of tech & Machinery to solve hunger and malnutrition, AI assisted self cleaning water&sanitation project.

World thru the eyes of an engineer.

Technology is often negatively interpreted in the current society and this is largely due to the abuse by humans.
Nature in its own way is world's most efficient and advanced technology, over the years engineers have observed and mimiced the marvels of nature to create some of the most complicated engineering systems. In the age of AI and robotics this open audience workshop will discuss and talk about concepts of Bio-mimicry and the use of advanced technology for social impact and conservancy.