Ryan Rising

Ryan Rising is a community organizer and permaculture educator based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Ryan co-founded the Permaculture Action Network and has worked with festivals and artists like Lightning in a Bottle and Rising Appalachia to mobilize concert-goers and festival attendees to install permaculture systems and create community spaces that move us further along the transition to a just and regenerative world.

The Logistics of Liberation: Permaculture and Power

What is it really going to take to liberate ourselves from the exploitative, extractive systems we are living within? How can we re-inhabit space, and see that re-inhabiting of space as one of the most revolutionary acts we can take? How can we interact with the material infrastructure of our world to collectively slow and stop the mechanisms of ecological devastation and human harm? Power is logistic.

Social Permaculture and Community Action

How can the lens of permaculture—the mimicking of nature’s patterns and principles—inform the way we design both the ecological systems of food, water, and shelter that give us life, and the social systems of how we make decisions, come together as people, and build resilient communities? How can we take effective action to create viable life-affirming alternatives to the extractive and exploitative systems that we seek to replace? Ryan Rising of the Permaculture Action Network will start this session with an introduction to permaculture design and lead into a conversation that takes its application beyond forest gardens, rainwater catchment systems, and natural building to how we can cultivate effective collaborative groups and communities capable of taking action towards realizing a more just and regenerative world. Ryan will also touch on the work of the Permaculture Action Network over the last four years of organizing over 84 Permaculture Action Days across the country after concerts and before music festivals where hundreds gather to directly implement regenerative systems in their communities. Step into this in-depth session on ecological design, regenerative living systems, how to take direct action for a just and sustainable world, forming healthy collaborative groups, and community organizing.

Regenerative Economies

Explore a spectrum of economy and learn about tools and methods for facilitating economic relationships outside of the dominant paradigm.

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