This year the children’s village at Sonic Bloom will be hosted by ‘Rainbow Lightning,’ A Denver based, grass roots, not for profit company dedicated to creating a safe environment for youth and community! In an effort to inspire and empower young minds to stay clear and substance free, the Rainbow Lightning team strives to foster holistic development through their 7 guiding principles: sustainability, wellness, creativity, self-expression, community, growth and love!

A weekend full of co-creative activities and interactive educational experiences, providing a wide variety of artistic outlets, leaving no room for limitation! Rainbow Lighting also keeps a low carbon footprint, by powering the ENTIRE camp and all workshops on SUNSHINE, with a home-made solar powered generator! :D
Some activities include: sewing, costume making, tye-dying and face painting[to prepare for our daily parades!] Primitive skills and permaculture workshops to foster sustainable futures! Yoga, qi gong, movement and play to keep our bodies limber and healthy! As well as daily open mics and talent showcases, to create a musical flow and strengthen teamwork!

The goal is for all who visit the Rainbow Lightning village to not only have a GREAT time, but leave the festival having learned valuable life skills and memories that will last a lifetime!

To learn more about the Rainbow Lightning Team, please visit: