Monica Waumann is the cacao fairy who lives in a bus with the chocolate wizard at El Pital, the chocolate paradise in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. She is an artist, a lover of the universe. She encourages others to be authentic, she gives us the tools to cultivate inner peace, self love and a sense of deep clarity. She facilitates a Laughter Journey with the cacao plant medicine to shift our energies into our heart space, to transcend duality and focus on the here and now.

Laughter Journey with Raw Chocolate

In this laughter Journey we will learn how to consciously choose laughter as a response. We will learn how we can use laughter as a tool to improve our quality of life, improve our productivity, and our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual health.
We will engage in different breathing , movement and laughter exercises, we will allow ourselves to be vulnerable and cultivate genuine connections with our inner child, and with others. We will eat raw chocolate (optional) to help us shift into our heart space so that we can feel what happens when we consciously choose laughter.

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