Blessings to all! My name is Megan Moonstone and I am so excited to be a part of Rainbow Lightning. I have been working with kids for over ten years in all kinds of spaces and find it a huge joy to do so :) Creating with children ignites my own creativity and reminds me to live playfully and to be silly! I love to see everyone shine their our sparkle and being able to facilitate that for children is a huge fulfillment for me. See you around the kids area soon!

Nature Talisman – KIDS WORKSHOP

In this workshop, kiddos 7+ will get to go on a short nature walk around the land to pick up fallen Earth Magic to create a nature talisman of their very own! Fallen twigs, flowers, greenery, leaves or other fun magic can be used to create a magical talisman for kids to use on their altar, in their room, as a protective talisman, as a piece of wall art, as an offering to Mama Earth, or whatever their heart desires! After our nature walk we will come back to center and ground, thanking Mother Earth for her gifts and to create the talisman. We will supply hemp cord, biodegradable paint and one crystal/gem of their choice to add to their talisman if they so choose :)

Sculptey Clay – KIDS WORKSHOP

This workshop is designed to be more of an open studio for kids to come and play with super fun sculptey clay! They will be able to make whatever they want out of some clay provided by Rainbow Lightning and then be able to 'bake' them and bless them in the sunshine!

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