I’m a wild, fiery, ultrarunning, Earth loving goddess from Durango, Colorado, founder of Summit Sadhana, dedicated to sharing practices that promote connection, growth, healing, and discovery of the higher self through the self. Join DJ, Agent Adam Apollo, Sound Healer, Thomas Ender, and me as we bloom offerings of sensual honorings through yoga and sound for International Yoga Day and the sacred cycle of the Solstice.

Solstice Soul Shine Yoga Flow

Celebrate International Yoga Day and the sacred cycle of the Summer Solstice with the vibrational effervescence of yoga and sound. Embody the divine spirit within, allowing yourself to be breathed by the benevolent mother earth on this sacred solstice day. Turn inward and experience the potent connection to Mata Gaia, each other, and self by tapping into our cosmic energy and opening your hearts to honor the rhythmical progression of internal time illuminated by our own divine breathwave.

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