Permaculture Action Day

On Thursday, June 14th, 2018, seventy people on their way to Sonic Bloom mobilized to take action at District One Farms in Walsenburg, CO. The festival has worked with Permaculture Action Network for the last four years to outreach to its attendees and invite them to a day of direct action in the local community.

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Striving for Zero Waste

Like balancing plates on a stick or a beer bottle on your forehead, planning a successful zero waste event takes finesse, organization and teamwork.

An expert understanding of all things zero waste combined with a penchant for hauling compost, ZeroHero helps us pull off a brilliant event that effectively reuses its resources.

From placing tents and organizing volunteers to the less glamorous behind-the-scenes tasks like hauling waste and managing vendors, SONIC BLOOM is thankful that Waste Naughts is involved in every aspect of planning and executing a successful zero waste event.


We invite you to be the best environmental steward you can while at Sonic Bloom, but will you accept the invitation? Please consider these tips when planning for Sonic Bloom:

  • Be conscience of how you pack. Plan on packing out what you pack in.
  • Carpool or jump on one of our shuttle buses.
  • Re-use your commemorative drink cup all weekend long .
  • Recycle and compost at ZeroHero recycling stations when you cannot reuse what you have.
  • Eat good, local, organic food from our food vendors.
  • Be a good land steward and clean your campsite upon your departure.

We will show you the way, it is up to you to Bloom Green…


We strive to choose locally based companies for all of our events. From food and gift vendors, to our production staff, marketing team and many of the artists who perform at SONIC BLOOM, we are committed to giving back to the local community, and economy for every event we produce.


You can help us cut back on festival waste by providing your own coffee cups, water bottles and even dishware for the festival. Try and select compostable cups if you do need to bring a stash of “to-go” cups to the event. We will have composting areas on site, and the cups will be given back to the earth after the event is over.


When you carpool or bus to a festival, you make life-long relationships. Help us help cut back on emissions, land impact and help ease our parking problems a little while you’re at it.


You came. You partied. You had the time of your life. Now, don’t make us clean up after it! Please join with your friends and help keep the campgrounds clean along with the stage areas and walkways. It’s up to all of us to look out for the integrity of the beautiful property that we get to call home for 4 days every summer.