We are honored to host an all Funktion-One sound festival this year thanks to Funktion-One (Official) and Awaken the Night hosting the BLOOM Stage, Hummingbird Stage and Quadraphonic Yoga D’Om with Lost Horizon Productions hosting the Meadow Stage.

Connect w/ Funktion-One

Connect w/ Awaken the Night

Awaken the Night is bringing back the epic Funktion-One unified sound fields including the North American debut of a system with 24 cabinets of Vero VX on the largest F1 sub duty ever deployed in the US on the BLOOM Stage! You all will be the first to hear this new top-of-the-line system, at this scale, anywhere in the world!

On the Hummingbird Stage we will feature Funktion-One’s Heritage Res9 speaker which was the inspiration for the legendary Res5 speaker that was the prerequisite for the Vero and Vero VX systems. This speaker was designed specifically for intimate applications and its straight horn offers exceptional, laser tight pattern control. Keeping the music crystal clear, clean and on the dancefloor. The system we are using was originally made for and toured by Peter Gabriel(!) .

In the Yoga D’Om you will be literally surrounded in an immersive sound environment with quadraphonic sound so clean it will seem to emanate from within the volume of your head…