Auriel Aeon

Auriel has been a student of alchemy and the holistic arts for over a decade working as a healer in both body and energy work, as a project leader on various sustainable community initiatives, as a notable contributor and voice to the Free Energy Movement, as a professional artist in fire dancing, photography, poetry, and metal working, as well as a respected member of the global conscious community. He has been known for pioneering new concepts in cosmology, physics, and spirituality.

Energetics of Creation

Many wonder the mysteries of how creation is birthed into existence. It was the realm of alchemy that first began to bridge the divine with the physical. Come join Auriel as he describes the mechanics and energetics of the universe. Learn about the secrets of free energy with the great works of Tesla and the geometric unfoldment of the aether from a grounded perspective of science and metaphysics. This presentation is open to all audiences as a gateway to grasp a deeper understanding of ourselves where our material reality meets the unseen fabric of space and time.

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