The SONIC BLOOM Music Academy

To stay creative, sometimes we need to unplug and have a creative adventure. SONIC BLOOM Academy is a three-day musical experience right before the festival. Level up your sonic wizardry with classes on music production, collaborate with artist across the nation, and find inspiration at the breathtakingly beautiful Hummingbird Ranch in Colorado’s Spanish Peaks Country. The Music Academy includes food, car camping, and all the workshops. No quest begins alone in a room, and almost always involves an enchanted forest…

General Info & FAQ’s

Create Music with Ableton Live

  • Link up with a supportive community of musicians that are dedicated to their craft
  • Level up your skill sets with workshops throughout the weekend
  • Learn the tricks that pros use, speed up your workflow, and achieve your musical goals
  • Come away feeling re-inspired by your music
  • Soak in nature and adventure to give you a whole new outlook on your creativity



Wizard Level Skills

This year’s academy is focused on helping you find and develop your own unique sound. Starting off with fast workflows to get your ideas out, using synthesis to bring life to your sound, and developing a solid mix that sounds good on any sound system.


  • Learning from your favorite tracks
  • Sampling and resampling sounds
  • Find and play off your strengths
  • Workflow
  • Synthesis and Sound design
  • Overview of Mixing – Finding tonal balance.
  • Basics Mastering – How to get loud, clear masters.

Who is this for?

The Academy is about expressing your music and getting inspired. To take the course all you need to know is the basics of navigating Ableton Live (being our main DAW). If you know what a clip is, the idea of warping, and how to plug in a keyboard then you are ready for Sonic Bloom Academy.

If you don’t know to navigate Ableton Live or want to refresh your memory, we have a 6 hour 101 course we can share with you before the event to get you up to speed.

Since we will be diving into philosophy, best practices, and creative techniques this is also a great place for advanced students. If you want to learn fast songwriting hacks and how to bring new life to your music then the Academy is perfect for you.

Isaac Cotec (Subaqueous)

Isaac Cotec has his hands in many aspects of the music industry. Over the past decade, he’s been a record label owner, mixing/mastering engineer, a researcher of the consciousness-altering properties of sound, a touring musician, and an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

Isaac Cotec is dedicated to helping others in their creative process, and to filling the world with more good music. Audio Grove bridges these ambitions and places you in the center of it all.

Aaron Holsapple (Cualli)

Aaron played his first guitar when he was 7, tried it out, said “This sucks, why don’t I sound like Slash?” and didn’t pick it up again until he was 11. At this time his life long love for playing and making music began. With over 13 years of music production experience and 20 years of playing music, Aaron has developed skills in sound design, mixing, mastering, composition, performance and music theory.

Aaron brings these skills to the classroom in an effort to inspire others and teach the tools to make creativity flourish.

Pro Producer Package Upgrade

  • Fast Songwriting Online Course (worth $70)
  • Coupon for $40 of Packs and Samples by Subaqueous
  • One hour sessions with trainer Isaac Cotec (worth $65)
  • Splash Drive 8gb USB with Stems, Sets, and instruments (Worth $50)


Materials to Bring

  • Computer and power adapter
  • Headphones
  • USB controller (optional)
  • Instruments (optional)
  • Microphone (optional)
  • Field Recorder (optional)

Required Software

  • Ableton Live 10 (Ableton offers a FREE 1 month demo)

Academy students can look forward to lots of perks with their enrollment fee including…

  • Access to Ableton Live 101 Course (6+ hours of online videos)
  • Massive collection (1GB+) of Samples and Live Packs ($150 value)
  • All Example Live Sets for review
  • 21 class hours of world class educational experience
  • Yoga class every morning
  • Connections with like minded people
  • 2 healthy, organic meals per day (brunch and dinner)
  • Be the first people on site
  • First priority shaded and creekside camping
  • Car Camping for for Festival included
  • Academy/Festival Combo Passes available