Join us for the SONIC BLOOM Academy!

Curious regarding the logistics or happenings regarding the SONIC BLOOM Academy and don’t see the answer here? Send an email to and we will answer your questions!

Welcome to the best days of your life.

  • Wake up to the crisp Colorado morning and enjoy an early morning yoga class or hike in beautiful Spanish Peaks Country.
  • Grab a quick morning snack and head to your first session of the series.
  • 3 hours later, the entire Academy comes together for an hour long brunch, with delicious healthy food included with your enrollment.
  • After brunch comes a serious deep dive with back to back 3 hour long sessions, until dinner at 7PM.
  • Enjoy a healthy fulfilling evening meal with the entire Academy
  • After dinner, enjoy some free time, jam with your classmates or other Academy students on some of the things that you learned during that day.
  • The evening will be complimented by campfires and conversation, with the potential for optional evening courses and lectures.


The gates open for Academy students on Sunday, June 16 at 4PM so that you can be set up and ready for dinner and orientation at 7PM. Classes begin Monday, June 17 at 9AM.

Yes, the SONIC BLOOM Academy is a 3 day long intensive series occurring the days before SONIC BLOOM. The cost of each series is $333 and includes camping, 2 meals per day and 21+ class hours of education, not to mention first choice of the most prime camp spots.

No, you do not need a ticket to SONIC BLOOM to attend the SONIC BLOOM Academy. You will need to leave Hummingbird Ranch promptly after your meal on Thursday, June 16 if you do not plan on attending the festival.
No, the Sonic Bloom Academy is a deep dive into one of the four tracks. Each series is designed to be an intensive, with information and skills building off of prior classes.
The 7:30 morning yoga class as well as meal times and free time in the evening are all times when the entire Academy is together.
Enjoy camping in colorful Colorado! By enrolling in the Academy, you get the first choice of some of the premier camping on site at Hummingbird Ranch. A shady creekside camping experience awaits you…

Every vehicle that comes on site at Hummingbird Ranch needs a parking pass. Your parking pass/car camping pass for the festival will work for the Academy, and vice versa.