The Ishayas of the Bright Path are an international group of people who have dedicated their lives to expansion of consciousness. They teach effortless techniques, known as Ascension Attitudes, and are available to all who seek direct experience of the nature of their very own Being.
You’ve probably learned that happiness, peace and love isn’t something you can buy at a store. It’s not even something you can reliably get from others.
Happiness, peace and love is actually something that lives within all of us, all the time. The challenge is finding a way to access that happiness, that inner joy, that inner peace so that it’s with you all the time.
Come explore freedom from thinking and a rediscovery of the the present moment.
This workshop is available to all who seek the direct experience of Inner peace, of unbounded joy, and living life in the present moment. Ascension is completely experiential. This is about you, and your exploration of the Truth that exists within. It is a flawless science of Self-discovery, and a joyous journey inward.