Whitebear is the result of Arthur Song’s love of evolving soundscapes, groovy basslines and interesting sound design. The amalgamation of tribal and futuristic elements has presented new territory for Whitebear to explore, and Enig’matik Records has been the platform from which he has launched himself, head-first, into the beautifully complex world of electronic music.

Fresh off the festival circuit in Australia, Whitebear has had the honour to play the Eclipse 2012 Festival and feature on the bill alongside greats such as Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Bird of Prey, Gibson and many more. Whitebear’s music and performances are driven by the intention of self-exploration and expression, and is fuelled by the enticement of overwhelming and beautiful discoveries.

Whitebear has only just begun his journey, and is constantly learning and evolving- as one should.