Denver, CO based producer Rob Brandon, aka White Robot, has a mission that is ever expanding. His goal is to find different ways to bridge the gap between natural and digital sounds, creating bass music with an organic touch. His sound is often described as extremely rhythmic, topped with huge sweeps and deep bass lines, incorporating raw and powerful drum beats into his unique compositions. White Robot has performed with electronic acts such as Whitebear, Zebbler &; Encanti, Dbridge, Tunnidge, and Compa, and at highlight festivals such as Sonic Bloom. Furthermore, he incorporates live drumming into his sets to add yet another element to his high energy performances. You can hear his perception of music and love for drums shine through in these compositions, and as his tracks multiply, you can tell there are no boundaries for White Robot.

The name, “White Robot,” stems directly from a friends experience overseas, in Kenya. He was one of the only white people in the town, and while attempting to hustle him for change at night, the local children called him “Mzungu, or Mzungu Robot.” “Mzungu,” is the southern, central, and eastern African term for a person of European descent. Literally translated, it means “white person.” The name White Robot was adapted from this experience with a broad meaning that any white person when potentially viewed by another culture, are in their own right, a White Robot.