To put it simply, the music of Colorado-based producer, Aaron Holstein, better known as VibeSquaD, is pure bass therapy. Combining equal parts headphone revelations and bassbin joyrides, the sole purpose of this music is to simply make people feel good. Really good.

As a music hungry kid growing up in Chicago in the 70’s and 80’s, Holstein was first hooked on classic funk and hip-hop sounds from legends like The Sugar-Hill Gang and Chic/Nile Rodgers, who inspired him to get a guitar of his own at the age of ten. Holstein’s childhood love for music would only continue to grow stronger and thanks to puberty, his eclectic palette of influences soon included big rock music like Rush, The Who, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Teen years in the 80’s were spent phasing through Punk-rock, Ska, Hip Hop, New Wave, and Goth before discovering Bob Marley, George Clinton, Frank Zappa, the Grateful Dead, Phish, and Jazz. Holstein played guitar, bass and sang/rapped in bands and music projects throughout high school and college, where he would study at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston. A member of Chicago’s Boogie Shoes in the 90’s and Denver’s Future Jazz Project in the 2000’s led to the forming of electronic/live improv band Zilla in 2003 w/ whom he occasionally still performs. In Zilla, Aaron was able to deepen his experiments with synthesizers and samplers and discover new ways to create bass heavy, mind altering music on the fly. In 2006, continuing to dig deeper into the world of electronic music production and moving fully to the computer as the instrument of choice the VibeSquaD project was born combining and pushing the styles of Breakbeat, Dub, and Glitch Hop into undiscovered territory.

Over the last eight years, the prolific producer has released more than ten well-received albums, EP’s, and remix compilations, with over 100 original tracks to his credit. Never one to rest on his laurels, the VibesquaD sound continues to evolve and coupled with his extensive touring, wins over new fans globally on the regular. Personally selected as direct support for Bassnectar on the producer’s sold-out 2012, “Vavavoom Tour,” he has also performed alongside popular electronic producers including Pretty Lights, The Glitch Mob, and Big Gigantic as well as being a mainstay at major dance music festivals and club shows.

With a new full-length VibesquaD album “Spinning Gears and Making Things” released this past October, the producer stretches even further stylistically and sonically to include his own live guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and vocals, further blurring the lines that separate genres and styles in electronic music. Always rooted in funk, soul, deep bass, rich harmony, dirty beats, and pure originality, VibesquaD consistently reinvent himself musically, remembering to carry the pure intention that started it all: to make music that strongly vibrates positivity for the sheer sake of shared joy.