Experience, inspiration, and observation are three things that artist Tourmaline Todd lives for. In his years exploring the planet, he has used all of his senses to absorb his surroundings. Growing up in the creative center of Austin, Texas he found many ways to express himself, whether it was painting tigers in art class, building forts in the woods, or playing the trumpet and guitar, his talents were recognized at an early age. He pursued his design interests by attending college at the University of Colorado in Boulder and was granted an environmental design degree in 2002.

However, much more was learned in his new environment than what was taught in school. His time in the mountains hiking and snowboarding allowed him to quiet his mind and find that which was unique to himself and what skills he could offer the world. After college, travels to Europe, New Zealand, and a long stint in Hawaii, his respect for nature and his love of creation was burning bright. He returned to Austin in 2007 to pursue his passions of visual and audible art and is now a featured live painter in the Austin live music scene. In the past 6 years, he has painted at events around the country, has had many art shows around Austin, and currently has art hanging on private collectors walls across the country. The present finds him exploring new techniques involving screen printing and new ways to display his ideas including public street art. In the next five years he hopes to be involved in clothing and jewelry design as well as finding his way into local reputable galleries and larger projects around the world.

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