Liam Shea, aka Templo, strives to blend atmospheric soundscapes with head bobbing beats. Born and raised in Denver, Templo’s interest in music began at the age of 11 behind a drum kit. This sparked an exploration into all types of instruments and music. On his tracks you will hear all original riffs and drum beats, incorporating a variety of instruments and styles. Templo has one foot in the future with influences including Tipper, Random Rab, and Emancipator. While at the same time paying heed to the classics, attempting to emulate the sounds of J Dilla, Eek-A-Mouse, and Gorillaz. Templo’s eclectic tastes comes through in his music as he aims to blend downtempo trip-hop, funk and dub elements, with deep melodic bass. Ultimately, Templo aims to inspire creation and imagination in the music community and beyond.

A relative new comer to the music scene, Templo has seen his music evolve exponentially since its inception in 2011. Already he has shared the stage with artists such as Polish Ambassador, Random Rab, Opiou, Andrellion (Heyoka), and Vibesquad. Templo headlined his first show in 2013 at the Denver art galley Lumonics. Templo released his first album for free in 2013 and it is available for download on bandcamp.

As Templo’s music continues to grow so will his visibility. Future plans include upcoming shows with Mark Farina at Denver’s Cassleman’s and Ott at Cervantes in 2013. Also in the works is an album set to drop sometime in early 2014 as well as an assortment of EP releases throughout the year. Templo is excited to establish himself in a community he highly values and respects.