Our company is a 100% organic Snow Cone Company. Our syrups have zero high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavoring and artificial coloring. Our snow cones also come with organic fruit and other toppings. Along with our snow cones, we offer a Snow-Conut which is a mixture between both a fresh young coconut and a fruit snow cone. The Snow-Conut is the ultimate refreshment. If neither of these catch your eye we also have plain fresh young coconuts to help you stay hydrated. In the morning we offer organic hot or cold teas, snow cone blended smoothies and snow cone blended coffee drinks. To top it all off, we put Boba Bubbles “tapioca balls” in everything we serve, unless instructed otherwise. Coming soon is our freshly brewed Thai Iced Tea with Boba. Come stay hydrated with us, and remember, “Our Snow Cones have a mind of their own!”