When we allow life to be an experience of intimacy with everything, we begin to embody the courage and devotion that allows us to meet each moment fully in truth and we shift to existing in unity consciousness. When we commit our focus to a collective intension we can co-create an extremely potent resonant energy field that allows us to go deeper into activating the electromagnetic forces contained in the elemental principles from which all life is formed.

This is a sacred ritual that brings us into intimate relationship with the raw elements of our inner space. Through our intensionally charged breath and devotional grounding to Pacha Mama we may call in the realm of Earth Magic and be channels of enchantment.

This ceremony includes Pranayama, Tantric Yoga, Vocal toning and mystically alluring states of consciousness!

Sophia Ocean brings wisdom from many of the healing arts, first training at Laban dance Conservatoire, in London. Touring Europe with Taudevin Dance Company and teaching dance with Mile Zero in Canada while training as a Holistic Health Practitioner at Grant MacEwan University. Sophia went to India for her yoga TTC and then later to Thailand and Nicaragua for tantric wisdom. This winter, Sophia toured with Project Nuevo Mundo through Central America helping to build a regenerative planet (get involved at projectnuevomundo.org) . Sophia is now activating the Compersion Music Project to support conscious embodiment, permaculture activism and wacky awakenings!