Bhakti Vinyasa Flow is a heart opening intentional practice combining Kirtan, the art of ecstatic chanting with Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The practice often begins with a meditation and some intention setting and creative visualization. We then join together in a kirtan to begin our practice which takes us into our bodies moving into our hatha vinyasa practice. The practice slowly builds heat in the body and the practitioner is free to move at his or her own pace, finding his or her own personal flow. Once enough heat is generated we move into some deep stretches and make our way to the floor, ending with a nice long savasana, or final relaxation and close our practice with kirtan.

The practice is accompanied by live chanting of Kirtan and Bhajan by Sita, and Shaman’s Dream. The goal of this practice is to experience Bhava, the nectar of devotion, through union of the body mind and soul.

Sita Devi is a yogini, Kirtan artist and ecstatic dance facilitator in service to the divine. She teaches Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a combination of hatha vinyasa yoga and Kirtan, the art of ecstatic chanting.

Sita holds a BFA in dance from the University of California Santa Barbara, and performed professionally with Method Dance and Ledges and Bones Dance Project in Los Angeles. She has been teaching yoga for 8 years most exclusively at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, CA and at festivals around the world.

As a Kirtan Walli, Sita sings and plays harmonium, guitar, kartals and mrdanga and has performed with Jai Uttal, David Starfire and Freq Nasty in Dub Kirtan Allstars, Arjun Baba, Dave Stringer, CC White, Govindas and Radha, Prema Hara, Joey Lugassey, Saul David Raye, Steve Ross and Craig Kohland of Shamans Dream. She has performed at San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Lucidity, Symbiosis, Gaia, Beloved, Bhaktifest, Shaktifest, Earthdance, Hawaii Spirit Festival and Mystic Island.

She has accompanied yoga classes with live Kirtan for Baron Baptise, Annie Carpenter, Janet Stone, Shiva Rea, Michelline Berry, William Duprey, Pradeep and Govindas. Sita’s devotional service is intended to include all beings in experiencing divine love and light.