I believe our world is a reflection of the quality of the intimate relationships we create. In this workshop I offer useful information and techniques to transform our views about the purpose of relationship and its potential for harmony and growth. Learn, practice and be inspired by some of these techniques and step into your role of creating a more harmonious planet, community and intimate relationship.

Inspirational as well as interactive, this workshop will introduce 9 areas of knowledge that are essential to the process of navigating into rich, satisfying and authentic relationships. I will guide participants in brief energy exercises, practices in presence, clear communication and exploring courageous authenticity as well as as give background of why each area is important and how they all weave together in a beautiful tapestry of deep love. Included and emphasized is a lively and engaging question and answer period.

Participants will walk away with:
1. Tools and techniques that will enliven and improve their relationship skills.
2. Inspiration on how to create healthy, fulfilling relationships.
3. A feeling of excitement about the deeper possibilities inherent in relationship

Shivoso teaches the practical realities, techniques and attitudes of extraordinary relationship. He has been fascinated by the dynamics of intimate relationships for over 15 years, leading to his studies for 4+ years with Charles Muir and the Source School of Tantra and 10 years of studying the psychology, physiology and cultural influences of relationships. He came to realize that there was a deep need for the support of intimate relationships in these challenging times as the meaning and purpose of such relationships goes through a major evolution. He has subsequently developed a set of teachings, practices and resources that he shares as a Transformational Relationship Coach at Intimacy Arts. He also is a facilitator at Tribal Convergence, Emerald Village Organization and conducts inspirational workshops and Radiant Relations Salons throughout the West.