What if the force spoken of in the classic Star Wars series was real? What if the Jedi were once a powerful group of warriors on this planet? What if the “dark side” had managed to oppress the knowledge of these ancient teachings using them for their own personal gains? In this hour long multi media, crowd interactive and engaging presentation, a brief summery and introduction to the knowledge and history behind the “the force” spoken of in star wars, how its mastery and transformative abilities are found in all major cultures. And how each one of us can use modern practical methods to master the force on a personal level, and regain the power of social permaculture to save the New Republic.

We have organized massive amounts of intel to illuminate specifics about the matrix we reside in how to maximize our sovereignty to evolve into a new paradigm:  An interactive multimedia presentation and experiential workshop on how to feel and utilize the “force” that pervades history and media for personal and social change. Focus on history and simplifying esoteric occult wisdom traditions, biology and personal experience, as well as societal implications and permaculture design.

Thomas Sochowicz has been a student of spirituality and esoterica since a young child and has spent much time travelling and learning from global wisdom traditions. He has teamed up with Sevan Bomar working to present the Astral Quest Interactive Enlightenment Platform and Realm Dynamics. He is working towards a doctorate in bioenergetic medicine and is focused on the activation and expansion of the earth in the mental physical and spiritual arenas.

Shaun Parkins has worked in consciousness research in traditional neuroscience academia but followed his love of philosophy into the realms of yoga, traditional shamanistic healing and quantum potentials. He is devoted to serving the community by working to inspire and empower disadvantaged populations and promote social permaculture and large-scale systems evolution. Fostering sustainability, connection, and authentic self-expression are his goals to make waves in the current cultural narratives.