Shalom Marie’s unique spiritually focused style of dance has developed over the course of her life as an intuitive self healing modality. She began studying traditional dance forms at age 10. She studied Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap and a little African Dance. In 1994 her dance began a new journey when she found her self diving soul first into 6 ft Bass Bins at her first Raves. There she danced along side B-Boys and Girls in Chicago, Detroit and other mid west cities which largely influenced her dance style. Then in her 20’s she discovered Circus Arts in the Bay Area and instantly fell in love with fusing her dance with flying. Finally in 2010 she began regular training for aerial after taking several classes at Le Cirque and Dancing People Company in Ashland, Oregon. Shalom interned with Seanna Sharpe in Brooklyn New York and took private lessons with Eoin O’Brien who is a third generation Grimaldi circus performer in Columbus, Ohio. For the last several years she has dedicated all her time to the development of her unique aerial dance style and for the last 2 years has been teaching and coaching individuals as well as small groups in Brooklyn, Columbus and now Ashland, Oregon. Shalom Marie Currently lives in Oakland, California.