This participatory workshop is about applying the knowledge of sacred geometry in both spiritual and practical life. The workshop will start with a brief introduction to defining what sacred geometry is, and how to identify and use it in everyday life. We will use the principles of sacred geometry to create simple thought forms and encode energy matrices to create energy fields. We will then play some wizardry games to practice these skills in a light, fun environment. The workshop concludes with a deeper dive into using sacred geometry as a meditative tool to navigate dimensions of consciousness and awareness, and access the Dreamtime.

Sacred geometry is a language which which uses patterns as codes of intention that allows us as human beings to express ourselves with great clarity and purpose. Think of it as a visual language, which can be used to navigate one’s journey through consciousness with a precision and clarity that is very helpful to facilitating richer experiences and accessing deeper dimensions of healing and perspective. Once we have some experience with sacred geometry, we will use this knowledge to navigate further into the Dreamtime. I will bring some of my sacred geometry forms to play with during the workshop as well.

Sean Allen has studied sacred geometry for ten years and is a welder who makes sacred geometric forms out of bronze, steel, copper, and gold and chrome-plated metals.