Lila refers to Divine Play … The play of creation, destruction and re-creation of the Universe. Using asana, pranayama and meditation we playfully explore the expansive interiors of ourselves. Witness the expansion and contraction of each breath while moving with intention to experience the delight of this moment, and the play of God, both personal and cosmic.

Rob Loud is a full time yoga student and teacher in Boulder, CO and has made his passion for yoga apparent through prioritizing his daily practice as a student, so that he may serve more effectively as a teacher; he continues to empower, inspire, and share his love of yoga through every connection.

He describes his style of teaching as embodied power vinyasa, pulling from many lineages of yoga. Rob’s classes are creative, challenging, intelligent, FUN, and bring depth beyond just physical asana.

“I am continually humbled and inspired by all great Super Heroes, past and present, including all of my amazing teachers and students, who continually show up and courageously seek out their personal connection with God. My wish is to assist others in awakening to their own innate greatness, to be a catalyst for change and transformation, and alleviate suffering in our World.”