Richii Jai’s Website
Richii Jai is a Yoga Master, teaching by representing the benefits of aligning with the Divine Beings. He is a Colorado native, who’s life mission is to bring peace to the planet, master the arts, and raise an empowered family. Richii Jai has over 6, 000 hours teaching yoga and uncountable community service hours, taking care of whomever needs attention in the present moment. He leads Yoga Teacher Trainings, encouraging people to lead their community using the ancient and evolving yogic philosophy. Richii Jai believes that laugher, hugs, healthy foods and water are the secrets to changing lives, and keeping heathy minds and open hearts.

Wake Up & Uplift!

Morning time/Activate! This yoga workshop has a focus on opening all six directions of the spine, hips, and shoulders so that we can more fully open our hearts and minds. This is a guided “All Levels” flow style with a gentle momentum and an interwoven storyboard of embodiment, living in society, and serving our people from an empowered center. Richii Jai will be assisted by Amy Devi, they will both be making hands-on adjustments, and making sure everybody’s forms are safe and strong. Look forward to balancing on one foot, two hands, getting twisted and stretched, while Richii Jai delivers a themed message about our current wave of influencing society as spiritual warriors. Spiritual warriors are placed in society to cleanse the psychic air, vibrate at the level of love, influence future behaviors through example, and use social media as non-violent communication. You’ll feel great in your body, and have some sweet ideas about what you can do after the festival!