Push/Pull represents the auditory endeavors of Liam Collins. Liam started this project in late 2011 although he began making electronic music in early 2006. Beneath the music there is a belief that dancing is one of the most positive things you can do with your time as a human. Once understood, there’s only a couple things left to do. Push/Pull’s most sincere intention is to create a comfortable space where people can shake their limbs in creative ways and explore themselves in the company of others. With focus on large-scale dynamic development as well as a fine attention to detail, Push/Pull will gyrate your speaker cones, excite your mind, and move your feet.

Push/Pull has been playing shows and writing original music with Empire Strikes Brass. A local Asheville second line brass band with an all-star cast. They are currently awaiting the release of their first single together which will accompanied a full music video featuring all those involved… and more.