Polar Vortex is a Colorado-based duo creating simultaneous art and music pieces guaranteed to induce synesthesia. Canadian-born ill-esha, known for her electronic music production, as well as live musicianship and vocals, met East Coaster S∆UCEmonster while both were touring with Beats Antique in the fall of 2013. Adding in his ninja skills in production, instruments, vocals and live visuals resulted in a tantalizing cocktail neither could resist drinking. Intoxicated and impulsive, ill-esha stole S∆UCEmonster from his Portland home and both holed up somewhere near the Rocky Mountains, together intently building a multi-instrumental, multi-colored sensory overload. Getting close to finishing a full-length LP, this duo will be performing their songs across the nation at festivals and clubs throughout 2014. Mixing classic songwriting with organic timbres, heavy basslines, intricate synths and an intense collage of found and created imagery, the two build a vortex of creative energy.