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This year's SONIC BLOOM Orchestra features EOTO, Break Science,Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic), Jesus Coomes (Lettuce) Aaron Holstein (VibeSquaD) & Jamie Janover (Zilla) Dave Watts, Joey Porter, Garrett Sayers & Dan Schwindt (The Motet), Russ Liquid, Lily Fangz, Govinda Music, CloZee, Vir McCoy (Hamsa Lila), ∞༺ reSUNator ༻∞, [...]

Kim Doyle

At birth, Kim Doyle had a full blood transfusion, a leg that was bent backwards, and a hearing loss. She then survived doctors, divorce, rape, pregnancy, and abortion ~ to become a fully embodied Goddess [...]

Secular Geometry

Geometry for the Masses! Intricate color-changing geometric lantern sculptures. Designed and built by Jordan Layman, Carly Santa, and Nate Bates at Idea Fab Labs in California. Secular Geometry's Workshops

Peter Goode

Peter Goode is a painter working in Los Angeles, CA. His unique blend of magical realism, futurealism, and dark surrealism culminate in a metaphysical visionary landscape where meditative boddhisatvas, angelic oracles, and nomadic wanderers take [...]

Pascal FERRY

Is a French visionary landscape painter, representing his internal journeys in search of lost civilizations and their spiritual connection. He has exhibited internationally and his work is represented at NAIA MUSEUM in Rochefort-en-Terre in Brittany. [...]

Martin Cash

Martin Cash is a New York born Painter currently living In Colorado. His passion for learning and creating brought him to Vienna in 2013 where he completed the 2 year diploma program at The Vienna [...]