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Dilate Visuals

I’m always learning and pushing my creative boundaries to create something new. Usually that means letting my creations get weird then embracing and nurturing them to fruition. Currently is working with performance ensemble, Quixotic. Cofounder [...]

Jocelynn Rudig

Jocelynn Rudig dances for the pure joy of performing. With long lines and fluid movement, she floats effortlessly over the stage in both the horizontal and vertical planes. She will dazzle you high in the [...]

Danielle Odette

Based in Colorado, Danielle is an experienced hoop instructor, circle maker extraordinaire, stage performer and beyond. As a community leader, she is the creatrix of The Spin Summit and facilitates positive learning containers for those [...]

Annie Stardust

This will be Annie's 6th year performing as a visual artist at Sonic Bloom. She is working hard to deliver an all original set of visuals for a few special sets. Over the last 10 [...]


Aeonchild is a Music-Visualist & VJ. Performing Live Music Visuals at festivals and shows throughout the US and Worldwide. Aeonchild’s work re-interprets music into a visual language, spinning cosmic messages through symmetrical beauty. Using graphics, [...]

Martina Hoffmann

Martina Hoffmann a the central figure in contemporary visionary art. Her work has been greatly inspired by expanded states of consciousness: the realms of the imagination, shamanic journeys and the dream state. In addition to [...]