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Haywyre is a project that synthesizes the best of two musical genres, that of contemporary electronic, along with the more established traditions of classical and jazz. It has been building and maintaining momentum [...]


Leader of JuBee and The Morning After MC of Michal Menert Big Band 1/2 of Uncle Pizza 1/2 of City Council Hip Hop/Rock/Funk/Poetry/Meme/EDM/Photography/Cheeseburger/Pizza [...]

Greener Grounds

Keeping themselves to a high standard, Greener Grounds holds a passion, collective consciousness, environmental sustainability with a positive outlook on life to inspire the world which is all expressed through their music.Constantly evolving [...]

Evan Marc

Dance music alias of electronic producer Bluetech. House / Tech-House with strong melodic tendencies and a penchant for deep groovy rhythms. [...]


DJing since 1995 and producing DnB, dubstep, and experimental beats since 2000, Caustik got into a lot of hardcore rave music in the mid 1990's over in the UK. He moved to St. [...]