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Katie Bhairavi

Katie Bhairavi of Darshan Dance Tribe is a Temple Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer. She brings a sense of devotion to her dancing by melding ancient Indian temple dance with middle eastern dance for [...]

Athena Nicole

Athena is an LED and Fire dancer based out of denver, Colorado. She specializes in hoops (single and double), fans, dragon staff, and fire eating. [...]

Fractal Tribe

Fractal Tribe is group of innovative world class performers, and artists focused primarily on circus production. Combining theatrics with dance, fire, acrobatics, aerial arts, and music, visual, auditory experience that keeps audiences on [...]


Never failing to encapsulate the spectators, Zoë’s Rope Dart performances are punctuated with precise shots and dynamic body movements, bewitching them with every flick of her wrist. Her Dragon Staff flows fluidly and [...]