Morgan Mandala is Colorado-based artist who weaves her visions together in both the studio as well as the live environment. She has exhibited her work and painted live at a multitude of festivals including Rootwire, Sonic Bloom, Envision, Lucidity, and more. Her visions span a variety of memes and themes, but can often be distilled down to the unlimited majesty of the nature world as well as the underground shamanic heartbeats of humanity. Inspired by nature – particularly the Amazon rainforest and the Rocky Mountains– Morgan is dedicated to reintroducing organic wisdom into the biosphere with a particularly bright and hopeful future in mind.

“My art aims to be a visual metaphor of our Infinite Interconnectedness; a glimpse of a timeless space where the veils of separation are lifted, simultaneously exposing all levels of reality as one network of being. Mandalas are graphic symbols representing the universe in it’s entirety; the interlacing of the macro- and microcosm; a reflection of each viewer, and a reflection of us all together- as one.” ~Morgan Mandala