Paleontologist turned “performance philosopher,” Michael Garfield’s ecodelic explorations map the evolutionary landscape and our place in it. Editor-in-chief of visionary culture portal and long-term contributor to many more (including,, Acceler8or, & H+Magazine) his work has also been repeatedly featured in D.C. futurist think-tank The Arlington Institute’s internationally-syndicated newsletter, FUTUREdition.

Writing on transformational festival culture, game-changing technologies, and evolutionary dynamics, Michael rides the line between critic and advocate – in the words of Speed Levitch, refusing to be enslaved by a single perspective. A commentator on human-machine co-evolution for Hybrid Reality’s blog at, a speaker at Burning Man and innumerable other events, and an internet video evangelist for planetary civilization, Michael walks a tightrope between the New Age and the Academe – reminding us that everything is equally art, science, and spiritual practice.

This is Michael’s fourth consecutive year as the moderator of Sonic Bloom’s annual all-star panel discussion. Follow him through his twice-monthly newsletter on or on twitter: @michaelgarfield