As we learned in past herb walks at sonic bloom , the plants around us are willing assistants for detoxification, healing and nourishment ~ wild food as medicine.
Come & meet or deepen your relationship with the local plants, used for food as medicine since time immemorial to nourish & heal naturally. See these blessed plants as essential allies in your wholistic health arsenal and dis-ease prevention. Also delve into the power of flowers as vibrational assistance for our times. The Earth provides ~ The plants cannot do it alone, they rely on assistance in pollination from our insect friends, namely , Apis mellifera, the honeybee. Apitherapy means using the products of the beehive for healing. We will discuss these precious gifts of plant and bee energy combined for their nutritional and healing powers. 99% of the bee hive is female~the rize of the Goddess. The legalization of Cannabis in Colorado this year marks a milestone, to end the persecution of this Sacred plant allows for true healing with Knowledge, proper dosage and Respect. The Cannabis flower is of the female plant~The Goddess Rizes. True that,we can’t do it without the masculine! Thus we seek balance in the divine feminine returning to her rightful power. Lets honor these precious gifts of our Mother Earth GAIA Pachamama and embrace true sustainability for our future 7 generations. This discussion will also include : Properties of common plants, including Cannabis ~ How to make an effective herbal tea, tincture and oil ~ How to get involved to help save Bees NOW ~ Earth Prayers and Songs. Plz bring a journal if u like to take notes . Listen with your heart, with every breath, every step & nature will bless your soul abundantly.

Trained as an Ethnobotanist, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist,200 hr registered yoga teacher, in voice & various energetic healing modalities, Manda Pendleton propagates the roots of deep healing & wholistic sustainable nourishment. Manda offers this wisdom as a vibrant researcher, educator, artist & universal servant working for the benefit of all beings. She offers her voice in freestyle , ancient chants & earth songs in devotion, to deepen our vibratory energetic connection with life. Manda believes that we have the power to heal ourselves & can do so by embracing LOVE, Sustainability & Truth. Her voice is featured on ‘Cosmic Roots ‘ Denver dubstep DJ & producer , Lotus Drops album, which mashes ancient chants with electronica for a fresh & exciting change of perspective. Manda is a Natural Health Consultant for both individuals and businesses, currently planning an online training program for plant medicine, nutrition & Sustainable health. Her first publication “Herban Wild Weedz 4 Food as Medicine” is in the works as well as ethnobotanical consulting jobs & humanitarian service around the globe.She is ecstatic to be a part of the Sonic Bloom 2014 staff & share her passion,laughter and love with you!