Manda Pendleton’s Website
Manda is a Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist and local Denver Beekeeper who is passionate about plants and sharing their wisdom with You. She has conducted herb walks at Sonic bloom for many years and is excited to explore the lush flora and fauna at Hummingbird Ranch and discuss wild plants for ‘Food az Medicine’ again with u this year. Manda has a private practice consulting individuals for wellness and businesses for product development as well as her own natural products line of InJoyCHa – the herbal probiotic beverage/mixer.

Wild Allies for Wise Wellness -Local Plant Walk

Lets meander the lush grounds of Hummingbird ranch and connect with the wild plants in song, meditation storytelling and reciprocity. As we treat our green friends with respect and Love they offer us abundant ancient wisdom and nourishment for our sustainable future. Bring a notebook if u like to take notes and water. Stay hydrated!