When the seeds of chaos and the dissolution of structure lead us to

surrender completely, we reach full transformation. Fantasy, alchemy,

dreams, creativity, healing arts all turn the impossible into new realities.

Lunar Fire creates mythical worlds through live music and luminescent

dance theatre. Pre­columbian and Native Flutes, African Drums, Throat

singing and Indigenous instrumentation from around the world glide

seamlessly over electronic beats, bass, violin and electric guitar.

Dancers tell stories in movement. Each performance varies according

to setting, season, intention and desire. Aerialists may fly, drop from the

sky, crawl into a cacoon and emerge a warrior, a nature spirit, an

animal guide. Multiple dancers may meld into one multi armed being,

circle, battle and burn fire in the form of dreamcatchers, antlers,

machettes, staff, torches, ropes, multi poi, fans, fireflies and other

surprises. Paintings may come to life mysteriously hovering in the air.

These mystic images by visionary painters MARTINA HOFFMANN,

ROBERT VENOSA and STEVON LUCERO twist and bend under the

movement of dance, a very enchanting and psychedelic visual effect.

Magic and mythmakers ARTSMYTHS create elaborate ethereal masks,

crowns and costuming. Performers glow in handmade indigenous and

recycled fabrics from around the world, reconstructed by storyteller mc

Teresita and dancer designer Akayate of Root Structure to symbolize a

solidarity for the uniting of the tribes, the ancestors, those of us today

and future generations. MaQi Healing Arts and Fuego Lunar build all

the props from fabrics to fire. Now based in Colorado, this nomadic

group originated in 2002 on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, multiple

members of Lunar Fire have toured over a decade together in various

projects (Kan’Nal, Future Simple Project, INTI, Miraja, Lil Sum’n Sum’n,

Dub’l Dragon) at hundreds of festivals (Burning Man, LIB, Simbiosis,

Earthdance, OCF, Fairyworlds, SF Seas of Dreams, Dreamtime, Sonic

Bloom, ENVISION) in theatres and music venues across the United

States and deep into the jungles of Mexico, Centroamerica, Hawaii and

Southeast Asia.

“Musical impresarios and masters of illusion.” Denver Westword,


“Lunar Fire completely blew my mind… a surreal, spiritual and profound

experience.” Amber Tauffen, Denver Westword, 3/10/10