Luminescent Dance Theatre by LUNAR FIRE RITUAL brings to life Dreams and Archetypes, Ancestors and Animals, Visions and Fantasy. The music of LUNAR FIRE RITUAL features Electronic Dance Beat Remixes of all original Acoustic World Trance and Psychedelic Tribal Rock.

LUNAR FIRE RITUAL dancers offer unique, eleaborate costuming and choreography inspired by cultures Native to the Americas and to tribal lands around the world. Fire Spinners illuminate the night with palm and stick torches, staff, double staff, poi, ropes, fans, dreamcatchers and burning antlers. Aerialists soar across the sky on silks, ropes, trapeze and lyra.

All original music from LUNAR FIRE RITUAL features high end Electronic Remixes of pre-columbian ocarinas and native flutes, african drumming, many other acoustic instruments from various cultures, as well as soaring guitars and violin, uplifting lyrics in English and Spanish from male and female vocalists, Dance Beats and Electro Tweaks.


“Musical impresarios and masters of illusion.” Denver Westword, 2/14/13

“Deep, inspirational.” Best of 2011, Denver Westword, 3/31/11

“Completely blew my mind… a surreal, spiritual and profound experience.” Amber Taufen, Denver Westword, 3/10/10

“Lunar Fire displayed amazing skills ” Britt Chester, Review: Sonic Bloom 6/24/11