Desert Trax freshest artist to emerge on the scene, Living Light blends dub grooves with world percussion, psychedelic glitches, middle eastern melodies, soothing electronic harmonies and deep pulsing baselines. The name has multiple meanings and refers to living unmaterialistically and positively, as well as all life originating from star-stuff!

Life-long musician, Eartha Harris produced under “Project Sphere” from 1998-2006, and has been touring and performing and live keyboardist with Psylab for the past 6 years. Living Light was born spring 2013, and has been rocking festivals ever since.

Living Light’s first full length album “Ecliptic Visions” was released with overwhelming response on Desert Trax November 2013, and additional releases on Desert Trax and Merkaba are already in the works for summer 2014.