Cranes are a simple representational offering of the power of transformation. A symbol of good luck and peace, cranes are a way to communicate with light and hope. In Japan, the belief is that a crane will live for 1,000 years.

Because making cranes is a creative process, each piece carries an energy of hope and can create sparkle and magic into the festival space. Wings on the crane uplift the joy to the sky. I would like to share this hope with others and support the energy of Sonic Bloom as a collective spiritual growth process. By teaching others the power to transform a small sheet of paper into a piece of art, I want to empower participants to transform other aspects of their lives.

Please share a smile as we transform creases into cranes and other basic shapes. I know that we together can nurture each other through our individual blooming process.

Leanna empowers individuals to embrace their body and being through aromatherapy, crystal therapy, breath work, mindfulness, whole food and raw food nutritional education, as well as healing yoga postures. Her work centers on the idea of acting from intention, without expecting a given result. She devotes her time to understanding the self-transformational process and intends to serve others in finding their authentic path to inner happiness. Leanna studied Fine Art at Colorado State University, has been studying whole food healing nutrition for 4+ years and practicing and studying yoga since 2006. She founded Creative Crane Combinations, a platform where she sells her origami creations. In her free time, Leanna enjoys meditation, yoga, painting, folding origami, hiking and cycling.