Tea can be the most calm and meditative experience. There is nothing like sipping on a hot cup of puerh; slowly taking in the earthy aroma, before drinking the dark brew. Or drinking in the floral nectar of oolong, which can take you on a journey to the high mountains of Taiwan. Each style of tea has different needs to become the perfect cup. Through this workshop you will learn the basics about puerh, oolong, green, black and herbal teas. Focused on healing arts, Laura will discuss the health benefit for each family of tea. Ending the workshop with a demo of the Chinese tea ceremony and hot tea for everyone!

Currently residing in Denver Colorado, Laura Karuna is deeply rooted in the healing arts community. She is currently studying at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. Passionate about massage, she also applies herbal arts and crystal energy in her practice. Laura has been working closely with herbs ever since her internship on an organic farm in Ohio, six years ago. Through her fascination with herbs her love for tea was born. Moving to Colorado only helped integrate herbs into Laura’s life; with jobs in a Chinese tea shop and in the medical marijuana industry. She strives to utilize the healing attributes of tea and fresh juice through her private massage practice.