Krystleyez is an evolutionary artist, dream-weaver and emissary of light residing in Boulder, Colorado. Using art as a conduit for personal and planetary evolution, she has passionately dedicated her life to igniting a renaissance of consciousness through sacred expression and conscious collaboration.

Be it the spiral of a flower, the organization of honeycomb, the branches of a tree, or even cracked, barren earth, Krystle gazes intently into the architecture of nature and draws her inspiration from the fundamental energetic rhythms of Creation. Her artwork explores sacred geometry as a transparent window into the infinite, interconnected web of being. Dissolving the separation between science and spirituality, self and other, inner and outer, dream and reality, her artwork is an invitation to see the divine reflection in everything.

Through the alchemy of art, spirituality, sacred geometry, ancient wisdom and conscious connectivity, Krystle weaves a rich tapestry of meaning into her work. Her artistic process also mirrors the natural tendency in her being to connect the dots. Her artwork aims to transcend the boundaries of polarized modes of consciousness by threading together various pathways of illumination to Source. Guided by the flow of divine inspiration, Krystleyez begins most of her paintings with only an intention while she intuitively surrenders to the cosmic, unfolding dance between the creator and the created.

An important facet of Krystle’s artistic offering to the world is her dynamic and far-reaching roots as a live performance painter. Her illuminating presence at festivals internationally has been influential in the emergence of the live painting movement and the evolution of concert and festival culture. Her performances are an invitation to expand one’s perception of art away from a static image into a conscious co-creative process that is at the core of who and what we are. The essence of a collective dream is reimagined with every brushstroke, heArtbeat of the drum, and spiral of the dance…opening a space for deep personal and cultural/collective transformation through these experiences.

Krystleyez’s masterpieces are internationally respected as a source of healing and inspiration to the world. She is a gentle gardener of sacred vision, reminding us of our blossoming connection to All That IS. She passionately believes in the power of commUnity, collaboration and creativity to renew our sense of harmony and purpose with each other, our priceless planet and all of Creation.