Jordan “Pickles” Leonard’s most recent incarnation is as an audio-visualist production designer and visual projection performer. Based out of Denver Colorado, Pickle’s artistic branches root in tattooing. Years of influence from Burning Man culture and transformational festivals, has moved Pickles in the direction of developing art on an immersive scale with the intention to inspire and connect with the love tribe on a deeper level. He has been formulating a variety of installments and performances including collaborations with Annie Stardust, Pan Astral, Love and Light, and Knew Conscious Art Gallery, and Fractal Planet at Burning Man 2013. Recently Pickles has illuminated the stage and performance environment with artists such as: Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Birds of Paradise, 2Nutz, Lafa Taylor, Love and Light, Lunar Fire with Kanal, David Starfire, sAuce, Rythmstar, Janover & resonator, An-Ten-Nae, jOBOT, Nico Luminous, The Fungineers, Chris-B, Crywolf, Orchard lounge, Elliot Lipp, Pumpkin, Kll Smth, Wick-it, Tnertle, The Malah, Colt 45 and so on. Pickles in late has performed at Sonic Bloom, Arise festival, Unify festival, fractal planet at burning man, Snow Globe festival, lucidity, and many others.